Case 1: Application of HMB to Highways in Hot and Rainy Regions

【Project Name】: Hubei Wuhan Qiaokou–Xiaogan Expressway

【Asphalt】: HMB-W

【Climatic characteristics】: As one of the hottest cities in China Wuhan is cold in winter and hot in summer where the prevailing temperature in summer exceeds 37°C and the extreme maximum temperature reaches 44.5°C. Wuhan has concentrated rainfall and the annual precipitation can reach 1100 mm.

【Traffic characteristics】: Qiaokou–Xiaogan Expressway is an important expressway connecting the outer ring road beltway and second ring road of Wuhan City and is a vital traffic route to and from Wuhan with large daily traffic volume and high traffic congestion cost.

【Pavement structure】: Bridge deck section: SMA-13+ EME0/14;Toll plaza: SMA-13+ EME0/14+ EME0/20

【Requirements on road performance 】: Resistance against high-temperature rutting moisture damage and low-temperature cracking in winter.

【Mixture type 】:

Case 1: Application of HMB to Highways in Hot and Rainy Regions(图1)

This case highlights the outstanding effect of HMB on improving pavement strength and resisting rutting deformation and its high fatigue resistance and low void ratio outperform traditional SBS modified asphalt mixture in bridge deck pavement. It provides a good example for projects in hot and rainy regions and deck pavement of cement concrete bridges.

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