Case 2: Application of HMB in Qinghai Tibet Plateau

【Project Name】: National highway G109 in Qinghai Tibet Plateau

【Asphalt】: HMB-C

【Climatic characteristics】: Golmud at the hinterland of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau has a typical arid continental climate cold and anoxic less rain and windy with non-distinct seasons large diurnal temperature variation where the winter is long and cold and summer cool and short. It has rare rainfall and sufficient sunshine (for an average of 3358 hours per year). The annual average temperature is 4.3° the extreme highest temperature 35°C and the extreme lowest temperature -27°C. The annual average rainfall is only 40 mm for many years.

【Traffic characteristics】: Qinghai-Tibet Highway G109 known as the "Suez Canal" on the roof of the world undertakes the transportation of over 80% goods into and 90% goods out of Tibet.

【Pavement structure】: BBME0/10+ EME0/14

【Requirements on road performance 】: HMB can resist heavy traffic rutting in summer and low-temperature cracking in winter.

【Mixture type 】:

EME0/14 and BBME0/10 Performance Test Results for G109

This is the first domestic case that uses HMB-C as a binder to pave high modulus asphalt mixture in the alpine region of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The low-temperature cracking resistance of the mixture exceeds 3000 με without degrading its high modulus and long fatigue life which provides a good example for highway construction in regions with heavy traffic (such as Qinghai-Tibet Highway) and in long and severe winter or other harsh conditions.

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